EWS事業部 ワイヤー電極の製造を溶融の段階から最終製品になるまで一貫生産
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In the competitive environment of mass production and consumption, tool and die manufacturers are required to produce a large amount of products at a low cost.
Sodick E.W.S. is one of a group of Sodick Co., Ltd. companies who specializes in an Electrical Discharge Machines. The E.W.S. company manufactures the E.D.M brass wire electrode used for Wire EDM.
The E.D.M brass wire is crucial to EDMing performance and Sodick has decided to manufacture and supply the E.D.M brass wire by themselves to achieve better performance and cutting accuracy. Sodick started manufacturing the important E.D.M brass wire from A to Z.
This "Total Manufacturing Process" is the first system in Japan.


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